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Make a Mess … Messier

Posted in Ask a New Question, Parenting, Problems into Opportunities

From the category of “turning problems into opportunities” comes this gem from the WSJ, Clean Your Room … or Else, which is about Teenagers messy bedrooms. (Having a 12 year-old daughter this is an issue I have some experience with.) Rather than threaten, badger or nag their messy Teen daughter to clean her room, one…

Unlearning Learning

Posted in Creativity, Curiosity, Education, Failure, Girls, Innovation, Intelligence, Kindergarten, Paradigm, Parenting, TED

“Chief Unlearning Officer” Jack Uldrich discusses why teachers may need to unlearning what they think they know about teaching and learning.

Another Reason to Develop a Little Unconfidence

Posted in Confidence, Education, New Cards, Parenting, Science, Unlearn Strategy

Developing a healthy dose of unconfidence can be helpful in unlearning. Ironically, one of the things many U.S. students must unlearn is their high level confidence in their math and science scores. Did you know that although U.S. students have some of the lowest scores in math and science, they consistently rank highest in how…

Test the Limits of Tests

Posted in Assumptions, Creativity, Education, Parenting, See What Isn't There

The IQ test, the SAT, the LSAT and countless other tests all serve a limited purpose but each is a remarkably poor predictor of long-term success. Why? It is not because of what they measure, it is because of what they don't measure–and they don't measure characteristics such as curiosity, self-control, grit, and risk-taking. Remember,…

Shop in Reverse

Posted in Behavior, Lessons Unlearned, One minute unlearning, Parenting, Retail

Next time you need to go shopping for a new wardrobe, try this little trick: Shop in reverse. Instead of buying the most expensive item first (say a suit or a dress), buy the least expensive item first (i.e. socks or underwear). Why? It might save you some money. It is a well-known fact that…

What Do You “Kno” About Books?

Posted in Education, Parenting

My daughter is in sixth grade and, for her age, she is on the smaller-size. Nevertheless, every morning I marvel as she straps on her backpack and trudges off to school. I'm pretty sure — pound-for-pound — she is carrying more weight than a Roman Centurion went into battle with 2000 years ago. It needn't…

Activate Your Imagination

Posted in Adult, Children, Creativity, Culture, Curiosity, Education, Imagination, Innovation, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Parenting, The Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

One of the worst things an adult can do is criticize a child for having an "overactive imagination." From my perspective, now more than ever, the world needs more imagination. One solution: Begin criticizing adults for having "underactive" imaginations. Related Posts The Essential Element of Creativity Cultivate a Beginner's Mind

Think Inside-Out the Box

Posted in Creativity, Curiosity, Games, Innovation, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Parenting, Quiz, Unlearn Strategy

A while back, I posed the question above. The most common answer is the one posted below. But if you really want to unlearn, I encourage you to keep searching for answers. The problem can actually be solved using only three lines. In fact, there is even a way to do it using only one…

An Easy Way to Gain Wealth: Unlearn

Posted in Books, General, Happiness, Library, One minute unlearning, Parenting, Quotes, The Way We See the Problem, Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

I was rereading Anthony de Mello's book, The Way to Love, last evening and this sentence caught my attention: The reason why you are unhappy is because you are focusing on what you do not have rather than on what you have right now. Interestingly, earlier in the day, I was reading Nassim Taleb's new…

The Beauty of Unlearning

Posted in Children, Girls, Parenting

Truth is not always what you see. Reality is more complicated but, I’d argue, no less beautiful. Watch this short 1-minute video to understand.


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