Jack Uldrich
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Embracing Amateurism

Posted in Love, Passion

The words "amateur" and "amateurism" have come to be seen as pejoratives. This is unfortunate. The words hail from the latin word, Amator, which means lover, devoted friend, or someone who is in avid pursuit of a objective. The latter sounds a lot like a recipe for passion to me. Perhaps one reason we don't…

Underschedule to Overdeliver

Posted in Ambiguity, Behavior, Creativity, Culture, Curiosity, Happiness, Innovation, Less is More, One minute unlearning, Paradox, Passion, Spiritual, Unlearn Strategy, Wisdom

It sounds paradoxical. How can you over-deliver on results by under-scheduling your day? It's easy, really. First, by underscheduling your day you will give yourself some time to think and reflect. And, by taking this time you will, counter-intuitively, come to focus on those things which are truly important. You will drop the clutter from…


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