Jack Uldrich
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Why I Can Still Smile After Making a $25,000 Mistake (Really)

Posted in Children, Education, Example, Failure, Happiness, Problems into Opportunities, Relationships, Stories, Wisdom

Let me begin by admitting that it is not easy to smile after losing $25,000. At 3p.m. today, I should be addressing a senior group of utility executives who are part of IBM’s Global Intelligent  “Smart Grid” Network in Campinas, Brazil. Unfortunately, because I failed to secure the necessary visa application I was not allowed…

The Key to a Successful Marriage? Maybe a Little Spark.

Posted in Adult, Behavior, Lessons Unlearned, Marriage, One minute unlearning, Relationships, Wisdom

Maybe the key to a successful marriage isn’t knowing your spouse so well you can finish his/her sentences but, instead, encouraging them to pursue new passions so that they will continue to speak in sentences you can’t finish. Sometimes, all it takes to keep an old flame going is a little spark. Related Post Spot…

Spot the Difference … and Unlearn

Posted in Behavior, Change, Education, Metaphor, Perspective, Relationships, The Way We See the Problem, Wisdom

Is there a fly in your soup or does your soup have a fly in it? Is there a tiger in the jungle or does a jungle have a tiger in it? As I have said before, these questions might seem of minor importance but they can have real implications — as I discussed in…

What If Mr. Wrong is Right?

Posted in Love, Relationships

I love Minnesota Public Radio and I think the host of Mid-Morning, Kerri Miller, has one of the best jobs in the world. If I had the time, I'd listen to every program she has with an author. Unfortunately, I I don't. And, today, as I was rushing from one event to the next in…


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