Jack Uldrich
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Unlearning Requires Slowing Down

Posted in Less is More, New Cards, Running, See What Isn't There, Sports

The Wall Street Journal has an informative article on running entitled Why Trainers Say, 'Slow Down.' It does a good job of punching a hole in the "more-is-better" mentality espoused by many in the marathon/distance running community. (Including, I should add, myself — once upon a time.) From an unlearning perspective, however, I especially enjoyed…

A Small Step Down the Path of Unlearning

Posted in Culture, Games, General, Running, Sports

This past Sunday I completed the Twin Cities Marathon and achieved my goal of qualifying for the 2010 Boston Marathon. As I mentioned last month, however, I am serious about this idea of "Unlearning the Running Rules." Today, I purchased my first pair of Vibram FiveFinger's — the "barefoot alternative" — and went for a modest…


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