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The Time to Unlearn is Now!

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This is the latest iteration of famous “Shift Happens” video with a focus on social media. If nothing else, it should serve as a reminder of to all of us why we must constantly unlearn. Enjoy!

Unlearning the Benefits of Thinking

Posted in Culture, Marketing, Sales

Can we think too much for own good sometimes? The answer, according to this new study, is yes. Worse, if you are not careful, manipulative salespeople can use this tendancy against you. According to the study, the more complex the decision, the less useful deliberation becomes. Therefore, a smart salesperson sensing your gut is telling…

Google and P&G Unlearn From Each Other

Posted in Advertising, Business, Marketing, Retail, Sales, Television, Unlearn Strategy

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran a front page articleon how Google and Proctor & Gamble are swapping employees in an effort to spur innovation. It's a great idea, but much of what the two companies are doing is unlearning from the other. In P&G's case, its marketing people are unlearning that marketing dollars should…

Unlearning Bubbles

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The Internet, the real estate market, fuel cell technology, nanotechnology and, now, "clean tech" have all experienced an investing "bubble." In retrospect, it is easy to point to signs that the market was inflating to dangerous levels. It is even easier to suggest that such bubbles are a bad thing — precisely because so many…

Unlearning the Cold Call

Posted in Advertising, Business, General, Marketing, Sales

Harvey Mackay, the author of Outswimming the Sharks, has an insightful column on "cold calls." It is his contention that in today’s era of hyper-information that there is no reason for a salesperson to ever make a "cold" call. There are plenty of resources, included Google, LinkedIn, and ZoomInfo.com, with which to find pertinent information…


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