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New Voice Recognition Technology Mandates Unlearning

Posted in Advertising, Algorithms, Automobile, Business, Communication, Culture, Education, Games, Jump the Curve, Marketing, Media, Politics, Software, Telecommunications, Transportation

Late yesterday, Google released a very cool new mobile application which employs voice recognition technology. The question is not so much what the technology can do today, the question is what will the technology be able to do in the near future—and how might it require professionals in the education, health care, and a host of other…

Unlearning Bubbles

Posted in Investing, Quotes, Real Estate, Religion, Religious, Retail, Robotics, Sales, Science, Software, Sports, Stories, Telecommunications, Television, Terrorism, Transportation, Travel, Utility, Virtual reality, Web 2.0, Web/Tech, Weblogs, Wind Power, Wireless, Zenzizenzizenzic

The Internet, the real estate market, fuel cell technology, nanotechnology and, now, "clean tech" have all experienced an investing "bubble." In retrospect, it is easy to point to signs that the market was inflating to dangerous levels. It is even easier to suggest that such bubbles are a bad thing — precisely because so many…

Unlearning Choice

Posted in Algorithms, Culture, General, Jump the Curve, Marketing, Science, Software, Web 2.0

It is easy to believe that having more choices will lead to a greater level of happiness. However, as this new study suggests, people may be more satisfied when selecting from a smaller set of options. There are a couple of reasons for this somewhat counter-intuitive finding, but the most poignant seems to be that…

Unlearning Learning

Posted in Culture, Education, Games, History, Jump the Curve, Robotics, Software, Virtual reality, Web 2.0

When contemplating the future, people need to keep a very open mind about what might be possible. Consider this article which describes how researchers at UC San Diego are developing facial recognition technology that can recognize if a person is having trouble understanding an educational lesson—say in mathematics or biology. As the technology continues to…

Unlearning Computer Programming

Posted in Algorithms, Computer Industry, Software

One of the reasons I have established this blog on unlearning on Typepad is because it allows me to maintain and modifiy the site easily without knowing a lick of computer programming or software development. And, trust me, I don’t know jack about those fields. Nevertheless, I recently stumbled upon this old article, The Joy…

Unlearning Models

Posted in Algorithms, Education, General, Genomics, Insurance, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Science, Software

Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired, has written an excellent article entitled "The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes Scientific Method Obsolete" in which he convincingly argues that massive amounts of data, in combination with sophisticated algorithms and super powerful computers, offers mankind a whole new way of understanding the world. Anderson believes that…


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