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39 Things That Should Keep Up Every Utility Executive At Night

Posted in Disruptive Technology, Energy, Future, Future Proof, Futurist, Nanotechnology, Solar, Utility

From the outside, the utility industry may appear to slow, cumbersome and resistant to change. These characterizations may or may not be fair, but I do know the industry is poised for extraordinary change in the years ahead and that what has served the industry well in the past won’t be sufficient for remaining competitive…

Here Comes the Sun and It Could Burn the Utility Industry

Posted in Energy, Future, Solar

This article (Co-ops Told to Prepare for New Technologies) offers a solid recap of my keynote presentation at the 2012 Touchstone Energy New & Emerging Technologies Conference. To emphasize the point that big change is coming for the utility industry, consider this paragraph from India’s Panel Price Crash Could Spark Solar Revolution: Recent figures from…

The Future of Energy: Technology Changing Technology

Posted in Change, Energy, Future, Innovation, Nanotechnology, Oil, Solar, Technology

“In recent years, advances in computer processing power have allowed geologists to make sense of seismic data 15,000 feet or more below the ocean floor. Three-dimensional imaging and seismic mapping are now possible even below thick layers of salt, which used to blur views of untapped reservoirs. Superstrong alloys allow drill bits to go into…

The Future is Black and White

Posted in Ambiguity, Energy, Future, Futurist, Solar, Utility

The future won’t be either black or white—it will be black and white. In the field of architecture and design, people are often use to choosing between form or function. In the future, as a result of advances in nanotechnology, this age-old debate will become less relevant. As proof, I submit this article discussing a…


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