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5 Ways to Make the Familiar Strange

Posted in General, Illusion, Innovation, Kindergarten, Paradigm, Theatre, Unlearn Strategy

One method of unlearning is to make the familiar strange. It's not as paradoxical as it may seem. Here are simple five ways to do it: 1. Turn a familiar object upside down. Remember the opposite may also be true. 2. View an object from a different perspective. (Look at picture to the right. Now…

Theatre: The Gift that Gives Campaign

Posted in Theatre

The other day I encouraged the theatre industry to entertain all of its far out ideas. Today, while I was spending some time in a local coffee shop, I picked up a copy of my neighborhood paper and stumbled upon this excellent article by Tom Hoch, president and CEO of Hennepin Theatre Trust, entitled "Show…

Entertain All Your Far Out Ideas

Posted in Arts, Theatre

This past fall I had the opportunity to give a presentation on unlearning at the Theatre Communication Group's annual Fall Forum in New York City. Before my presentation I had the pleasure of listening to Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Suzan Lori Parks speak. I especially appreciated her final statement to the audience: "Entertain all your far…


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