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Jack Uldrich’s Friday “Future 15”: November 30, 2018

Posted in Future, Future Proof, Futurist, Think, Think Like a Child

Business leaders must spend more time thinking about the future. To help make this a habit, I have developed what I call the “Future 15”–a policy of taking 15 minutes every week to think about the future. To make the habit simple, I advise my clients–and I encourage you–to follow the 6 “F’s”: Every Friday…

Unlearning: Learning For The Thinking Person

Posted in One minute unlearning, Think Like a Child

Take a look at this old Viceroy cigarette advertisement. The tagline is “The man who thinks for himself …”. The irony, of course, is that marketing executives at Viceroy were telling the “thinking man” how to think. Now, I’m not so presumptuous as to tell you how to think, but it is my opinion that…

The Young and The “Board”

Posted in Business, Human Resources, See What Isn't There, Think Like a Child

Let me begin by saying I don’t know anything about Chelsea Clinton’s qualifications to be appointed to the board of IAC/Interactive Corp. For all I know, it may be nothing more than blatant cronyism. Nevertheless, it is an interesting development. Here’s why. Since 2007, there have been only 50 people born since 1980 (or under…

The Light of Unlearning

Posted in Ask a New Question, Change, Creativity, Example, Imagination, Innovation, See What Isn't There, Stories, The Way We See the Problem, Think Like a Child

Often, the first step to solving an old problem is viewing your situation–and the tools at your disposal–in a new light. If you want to watch a short, fun and inspirational video, check out this two-minute YouTube clip on a simple solar solution:

Keep an Open-Mind to Unlearning

Posted in Ambiguity, Ask a New Question, Assumptions, Behavior, Beliefs, Change, Creativity, Curiosity, Enlightenment, Lessons Unlearned, Opposite May Also be True, The Way We See the Problem, Think Like a Child, Way We See the Problem

Are you open-minded? If so, when was the last time you changed your mind about a long-held belief? When was the last time you publicly admitted you were wrong? When was the last time you acknowledged that another person could look at the exact same thing and come to an equally valid — but opposite —…

The Benefits of Keeping a Child-Like Mind

Posted in Children, Creativity, Imagination, Innovation, New Cards, Think Like a Child

What are the benefits of keeping a child-like mind? For one thing, you can come up with innovative solutions to old problems. Related Posts Creativity Isn't All in Your Head Draw Outside the Lines

Flip-Flopping Education

Posted in Education, Opposite May Also be True, Problems into Opportunities, The Way We See the Problem, Think Like a Child

There is no shortage of methods for unlearning. In fact, my forthcoming book, Higher Unlearning: 39 Post-Requisite Lessons for Achieving a Successful Future will highlight over three dozen such ways. One of the methods not included in the book is the idea of flip-flopping. I have written about this idea before but I'd now like to…

Orville Wright Did Not Have a Pilot’s License

Posted in Aviation, Beliefs, Books, Creativity, General, Innovation, Quotes, Think Like a Child

I'm currently reading Gordon MacKenzie's delightful book, Orbiting the Giant Hairball. Chapter 19 is the shortest, most insightful chapter I have read in some time. I will repeat it in its entirety for your reading pleasure: Orville Wright did not have a pilot's license.

Become Your Own Authority Figure

Posted in Education, General, Lessons Unlearned, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Problems into Opportunities, Think Like a Child

The best way to unlearn the innate silliness of authority figures is to become your own authority figure. Who'd a figured?


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