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Here Comes the Healthcare Revolution!

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Last year, I published my top ten trends in health care. Number Five on the list was “artificial intelligence.” Specifically, I addressed the ability of IBM’s “Watson” supercomputer to revolutionize diagnosis. Well, the folks at Memorial Sloan-Kettering have now hired Watson. If you’re in the healthcare industry, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to watch…

Unlearning is Hard (But Can Also Be Funny)

Posted in Behavior, Blog, Videos

Not knowing how to use a new technology has a long and storied past. The latest video to capture this idea comes compliments of a German TV show. It also shows how hard unlearning can be … For funny videos from the past, check out these two videos:

Black Holes of Ignorance

Posted in Analogy, Metaphor, Videos

Scientists have recently discovered two new black holes that are 10 billions times the size of our sun. 10 billion times! The discovery is quite impressive but scientists still don’t know much about these black holes. In this sense, the discovery is a fitting metaphor for our knowledge: As impressive as our knowledge is, our…

The Healthcare System Needs Unlearning

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Here’s a link to a 15-minute presentation I recently delivered to United Healthcare. The title of my talk was “Why the Future of Healthcare Will Require Unlearning.”

The Crazy Ones

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