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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5;” December 9, 2022

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Editor’s note: Due to a website issue, last week’s edition did not get sent. If you are interested in reviewing the December 2 edition of the “Friday Future Five” it can be viewed here.

Think: My annual article on “predictions” for the coming year is sure to give you plenty to think about: Futurist Jack Uldrich’s Predictions for 2023.

Think Hard: The advances in artificial intelligence are getting crazy. The capabilities of Chat GPS are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg as this article suggests.

Think Harder: It is not enough to simply think, you must also be able to convey your thoughts. This article, 3 Rules to express your thoughts so everyone can understand them, is helpful in this regard.

Think Long-Term: Earlier this week, Uber launched its “robo-taxi” service in Las Vegas. The company currently offers only limited service but it is important to understand this is just the first-step in the company’s 10-year plan to offer driverless taxi service around the world.

Think Big: You do not need to know exactly what a ronnabyte or a quettabyte is, but it is important to understand that these terms refer to data. I am sure you are familiar with kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and, perhaps, terabytes, petabytes and exabytes. Each term denotes a 1000-fold increase in terms of data. A ronnabyte and a quettabyte are the next stages of our data-driven world. These are insanely huge numbers (a ronnabyte is 10 to the 27th power and a quettabyte is 10 to the 30th power) and this amount of data will change our understanding of the world. It is not too soon to begin thinking about how you can improve your data literary skills–because you and your company will need to make sense of all of this data if you want to win the future.

Afterthought: “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.“–Vernon Howard


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