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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5:” February 10, 2023

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Think in Questions: In today’s rapidly changing world one of the greatest mistakes I see all of us make (and I definitely include myself in this accusation) is that we do not spend enough time asking questions. To this end, I enjoyed this short post from one of my favorite thinkers, Seth Godin: Reimagining Cities With a Few Simple Questions.

Think Again (in Questions): Here’s another question for city planners and construction industry executives alike: Are 3D Printed Houses the Suburbs of the Future? (FYI: If you are in the construction industry, here’s another article worth reviewing and thinking about: Robots are Now Getting Hands and Could Soon Do Some Construction Jobs).

Think Smart: I played around with the idea of having ChapGPT “write” this newsletter for me this week but I couldn’t get on the system to try it (the site was too busy!). For those still not familiar with ChatGPT, as well as the broader advances in artificial intelligence, I recommend this article: 30 Incredible Ways to Use ChatGPT.

Think Longer and Harder: This article, The Secret to Making Concrete that Lasts 1000 Years, is an interesting read for anyone interested in creating a more sustainable world.

Think Different: I live in Minnesota and the winters here can be long, hard, dark and cold. As I have aged, I have grown less and less fond of the cold, winter weather. I am, however, a fan of “thinking differently.” One of the organizations which has made it its business to think differently is DARPA–the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency–and one of its latest projects is making a drug that makes people impervious to the cold. Now, I doubt I would ever take a drug just so I could live in an area with cold weather, but it does make me think about unintended consequences. (For instance, did you know that researchers have discovered that more “innovation” occurs in colder, darker climates? One theory is that since people can’t play outside in the sun as much, they busy themselves with inventing new things.

Afterthought: “Any fool can know. The point is to understand.“–Albert Einstein


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