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What Will the Internet of the Future Look Like?

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Over the coming months, I’m scheduled to deliver a series of 12 keynote presentations across the United States for Verizon Wireless on “How the Internet of Things Will Transform Business.”

I have written a little about the “Internet of Things” here but it’d be presumptuous for me or anyone to claim that they will know what the Internet of the Future will look like.

It is a little less presumptuous, however, to start from the opposite premise: What won’t the Internet of the Future look like?

It will not look like this vision which I spotted today outside a business center in a hotel in Las Vegas.

This is to say the Internet of the Future won’t be a place behind a piece of glass–or even behind the screen of a smartphone–that you go to access.

In fact, this vision will seem as antiquated tomorrow as the idea of being physically tethered to a wall to make a phone call is today.

Phone booth photo courtesy of Mark Thomas, at the Payphone Project

The Internet of the Future will instead be all around us and we will need to shift our thinking of the Internet from “a place you go” to a new and much different paradigm of “living in the Internet.”

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