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Jack Uldrich

Get the foresight to flourish.

No one can predict the future; but Jack Uldrich can help you prepare for it. Jack Uldrich is a leading futurist, author, and speaker who helps organizations gain the critical foresight they need to create a successful future. His work is based on the transformational principles of unlearning – or freeing yourself from obsolete knowledge and assumptions – as a strategy to survive and thrive in an era of unparalleled change.

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Foresight 2020: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow


Foresight 2020: A Futurist Explores the Trends Transforming Tomorrow

Here are eleven scenarios about technology that are transforming the world. Exciting and scary. Positive and negative. Prosaic and profound. Foresight 20/20 not only prepares you for success, it also instills the confidence to create a successful tomorrow.

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Jack Uldrich's Friday Future 15: April 19, 2019

Posted in Future, Future 15, Futurist, Think

Think: Gartner’s Top Ten Tech Trends for 2019. There is plenty to think about with this list.  Think Twice: The Third Phase of Clean Energy Will Be the Most Disruptive Yet. The fossil fuel industry needs to think twice–it’s on thin ice. Think Historically: Technology Deep in Time: How Technology Evolves Alongside Us. The future–and its many... Read more »

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Wal-Mart’s Radical Future: A Scenario from the Year 2029

Posted in Future, Futurist, Scenario, Unlearn Strategy

When announced at the end of 2019, the change seemed inconsequential and went largely unnoticed in the media except for a few commentators who criticized it as “typical corporate America wordsmithing.”  Within the walls of Wal-Mart, however, the flipping of its tagline from “Save Money. Live Better” to “Live Better. Save Money” marked the beginning... Read more »


Get the foresight to flourish

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