Keynote Speaker

Jack Uldrich speaks over 100 times a year to a wide variety of businesses and organizations, especially on the transformation of agriculture, education, energy, finance, retail and manufacturing. He argues that creativity and action are more powerful and versatile than knowledge. His speeches are packed with energy, anecdotes, and thoughtful business and personal advice that educate, entertain, and inspire audiences.

Keynote Speaker

Jack Uldrich is a leading expert on helping businesses adapt to change. He has served as an advisor to Fortune 1000 companies, and is highly regarded for his ability to present complex information in an entertaining, understandable way. Whatever your industry or organization, Jack will work with you to create a customized presentation, workshops or breakout sessions to inspire, energize and enlighten your audience.  

Experiential Leadership Programs

Jeff Appelquist and Jack Uldrich facilitate an incredible experience based on the amazing journey of Lewis & Clark and their Corps of Discovery. Participants will prepare by reading Jack Uldrich’s book Into the Unknown: Leadership Lessons from Lewis & Clark’s Daring Westward Expedition. This epic tale – the nineteenth century century equivalent of putting a man on the moon – still resonates today. It has been called The American Odyssey.

Speaking Topics

Learn how these topics can be customized to your specific industry.

Agriculture is on the cusp of revolutionary change. The confluence of a series of powerful technological, geopolitical, economic and social megatrends will create an increasingly chaotic and cloudy future for everyone.

Within this swirling sea of uncertainty, a literal world of opportunity awaits those who accept change, stay flexible, embrace experimentation, and work to create a culture of innovation.

In this energetic, entertaining, educational and enlightening keynote presentation, futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich will begin by outlining the startling–and sometimes staggering–advances in artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, gene-editing, robotic automation, sub-orbital Internet, and precision and vertical farming. He will then discuss how these trends are converging with other seismic shifts in geopolitics, consumer behavior and economics to drive everything from innovative new financing models to advances in sustainable energy, and the growth of regenerative agriculture.

Uldrich will conclude by sharing concrete actions farmers and agribusiness leaders can take to not only survive but thrive in tomorrow’s world of rapidly accelerating change.

Jack is known for his willingness to work with clients in order to deliver highly tailored presentations that are guaranteed to inspire and motivate. His sessions are designed to not only help your organization profit today, but continue to prosper long into the future. Jack tailors presentations to a variety of fields, including health care, energy, education, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, retail and investing. Ask how he can create a customized presentation for your organization.

In this fast-paced, energetic keynote, global futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich will deliver a tailor-made presentation designed to entice people to think more broadly about the trends transforming their world. Uldrich will then provide tangible tools and techniques to help leaders leverage the transformation and turn it to their advantage.

In the near future, the greatest change will be the accelerating rate of change itself. In this enlightening, entertaining and educational session, Jack shares insights from his book, Business as Unusual: How to Future-Proof Yourself Against Tomorrow’s Transformational Trends, Today. He outlines the ten trends that will transform the world of tomorrow. Jack also identifies concrete actions businesses can take today to future-proof themselves against “the tides of tomorrow.”

“Dear Jack: Just a quick personal note to thank you again for speaking to our senior management team.
Your words were exactly what we needed to set the team’s frame of mind for a day focused on strategy.”

– Joe Robles, CEO, USAA