Tomorrow morning I will be giving a presentation on unlearning, the topic of my book, to the Executive Marketing Guild in Minneapolis.

As a hint of what I'll be saying, here are 10 things marketers should consider unlearning:

#1: The "Tipping Point" or the idea that marketers can "influence the influencers." (See "Unlearn the Tipping Point.)

#2: More choice is better – it isn't always.

#3: The value of experts – when they're wrong, they're really wrong.

#4: Marketing executives are a good judge of talent – they are not! (Neither is anyone else.)

#5: First Impressions – more often than not they are wrong.

#6: People know what will make them happy – they don't have a clue.

#7: Young people have short attention spans – The truth is much different.

#8: More information is better – not always.

#9:  The idea that marketers can spot a "star" product – they can't, but that's OK.

#10: It's OK to be comfortable in your own skin – it's better to be uncomfortable in your own skin.