Jack Uldrich
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A Daily Truth

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Dawn was approaching when the traveler beckoned the child to sit on a large rock along the shore.

Minutes passed.

“What are we waiting for,” asked the child.

“Patience,” replied the traveler, “a truth will soon be revealed.”

Moments later the first rays of the new day burst forth from the horizon.

“Aaaah ….,” exclaimed the child at the unexpected beauty of the moment. “I see what you mean. Some things must be both seen and experienced!”

“Only partially true,” responded the traveler.

“I don’t understand.”

“To fully absorb a truth you must see what you can’t see.”

“I still don’t understand,” said the child.

“At the precise moment the sun was rising on our horizon, it was falling on someone else’s on the other side of the world,” said the traveler. “It is a good reminder that the opposite is also true.”

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