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A Penny for Your Thoughts

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ThoughthelmetLast week, a colleague of mine at Future Blogger, Alvis Brigis, suggested that the coming reign of online video broadcasting as the "most ubiquitous and accessible form of communication" may be short-lived. In its stead, he suggested that brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) may replaced it.

To many people the idea of brain-to-computer or even brain-to-brain communication might seem a little "out there." I disagree and think that Alvis is on the right track. As evidence, I submit this recent article on the U.S. Army’s plans to invest in a "Thought Helmut" for voiceless communication. And lest anyone think that voiceless communication is some far-off, fuzzy, futuristic technology just check out this amazing video demonstrating an early prototype of "voiceless communication."

Until I can read your thoughts directly, I’d be interested in reading your reactions to this possibility and how you think it may necessitate that we unlearn some things — such as, perhaps, how we communicate in the future.

One thought on “A Penny for Your Thoughts”

  1. Alvis Brigis says:

    Unlearning is a great paradigm for imagining the possibility of something that transcends or subsumes video. We are so conditioned by video that our imagination and simulations are constrained by it. Sure, in many/most cases video is definitely a better way to communicate than say audio, text, etc. But direct thought-to-thought transfer seems to be an even more superior Global Brain end goal. That being said, it will be a big challenge to unlearn our reliance on video, unless the BCIs get so compelling that we adopt them at record speed.
    Nice image and links!

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