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Amazon May Have the Future Backwards

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Jeff Bezoes gave an insightful interview on 60 Minutes last evening. One of the more interesting technologies he unveiled was “PrimeAir”–an innovative unmanned aerial vehicle delivery system. (See the video below).

The technology has the potential to play out in a way similar to the video but I believe a more likely scenario is that you and I–along with millions of other people–will own our own UAV’s and use the technology as personal “errand boys” to fetch supplies from retailers rather than have them delivered.

I say this because I can foresee UAV’s becoming common household appliances that save people from a number of short, tedious and time-consuming trips. For example, need to pick up a prescription medicine from your local pharmacy? Send your own personal drone to go get it. Did your child forget his/her lunch? Send your UAV. Need to borrow a scarf from a friend? Again, send the UAV.

Of course, it is also possible that a hybrid world where corporate and personal drones jointly populate the air may also exist. Either way, I foresee a world where far fewer trips by automobiles and delivery trucks are needed.

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