Boss The above headline is no surprise. Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, as well as the producers of "The Office" have gotten rich off of the fodder of clueless executives. The real danger, however, is the bright and intelligent executive who is arrogant.

I have longer warned of the dangers of experts but I encourage you to read this excellent article on how "crowdsourcing" is allowing many companies to make more accurate predictions about the future success of certain products. In a remarkable number of cases, "the wisdom of the crowd" is more accurate than the predictions of the best in-house "experts." 

What is startling is that even when presented with scientific evidence demonstrating the superiority of crowdsourcing some C-level executives are simply ignoring the evidence.

Why are they doing this? I suspect because their ego can't handle the idea that "the crowd" is smarter and wiser than they are. Alas, if these arrogant executives can't unlearn their behavior they aren't longer for their corner office — and that's not a bad thing.

If you see a little of yourself in this post, my advice is this: unlearn!

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