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Eustress and the Wisdom of the Lobster

Posted in Wisdom

shedder03Rabbi Abraham Twerski has a wonderfully insightful 90 second YouTube clip discussing the growing capacity of lobsters.  In a nutshell, in order to grow larger, lobsters must first become uncomfortable in their existing shell and then they must discard the old shell before they can grow a new and bigger one. (I encourage you to watch the full clip which I have posted below.)

Let me highlight two key take-a-ways. First, Twerski says, “The stimulus for the lobster to grow is that it feels uncomfortable.” Next, he reminds us that “Times of stress are also … signals for growth.”

Both are powerful lessons.

If we want to create a better future for ourselves and our community, we must embrace this idea of being uncomfortable — or what I call “getting into the discomfort zone.” And, to do this, it is helpful to remember that stress is not a universally negative trait. In fact, there is a word for “good stress”. It is called eustress.

If you’re looking for a metaphor to motivate you to change look no further than the humble lobster–change may be uncomfortable and stressful but it is the only way to grow.


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