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Every Employee is a Now Marketer

Posted in Marketing

Hershey's Kisses Chocolate I'm in Hershey, PA today preparing to give a keynote presentation on the "future of social networking" to PANPHA — the Pennsylvania association of non-profit senior services. One of the key takeaways for my audience will be that in this new era of social media every employee is now a marketer. That is every employee by his or her actions — or inactions — can either enhance or tarnish your organization's reputation.

In this new era, anyone with a cellphone and a social network has the ability to immediately comment on an organization's service by tweeting, blogging or sending a YouTube video to dozens, hundreds, thousands or, potentially even millions of people as United Airlines recently experienced at the hands of this clever YouTube video by a disgruntled passenger.

For a more concrete example of now every employee is now a marketer, I'd like to introduce you to Zach Fogel — an employee at the Hershey Lodge where I am staying. As a "VIP" representative (every guest is a VIP, I think) Zach called to ask me if a I needed anything. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do," I said. "I left the charger to my iPhone at home and I called the concierge to see if the hotel had one but she said, "No." Zach then informed me he was an iPhone user and that I could use his cord for the evening. To make the situation even more impressive, Zach was on his way home for the evening but took the time to run the cord up to my room.

For this simple action, I am now not only singing Zach's praises but I am also giving the Hershey Lodge a little free publicity on my various social networks because I think their management understands how every employee is now a marketer.

4 thoughts on “Every Employee is a Now Marketer”

  1. Ann Sachs says:

    Beautiful post, Jack, and Bravo Zach! Enjoy Hershey – we LOVED working there a decade ago, and the little silver-wrapped-kiss on the pillow is a loving touch.
    Our Studio http://www.sachsmorganstudio.com has been given a lot of grief over the years for embracing this concept, as if “just tiny companies do that; bigger companies have Marketing Departments”.
    Well, the bottom line is that we’re still thriving, and our employees who are no longer working for us STILL sing our praises. The concept is a win-win, and will be for the rest of our lives.

  2. Jack Uldrich says:

    Great to hear from you! I was sorry to hear that the restaurant we had breakfast at in NYC is now closed.
    If you get to Minneapolis … give me a call.

  3. Ann Sachs says:

    Yes – the Empire Diner closed – NY institution. Glad we made it! Will surely call if I get to Minneapolis. Hope all is well…

  4. Diane Meyer says:

    Yes, I agree!! Although long before Social Media, I always reminded staff that they were a big part of our branding efforts. It is just so much more so now with Social Media.
    I have to agree with you about Hershey Motor Lodge. I was a sponsor for The Second Mile event in February where are keynote speaker was Alan Mulally,CEO, Ford Motor Company. It was during a terrible snow storm so I ended up staying there for a couple nights. I experienced unbelievably excellent customer service. It is just the way they do things there. I wrote about it myself on Twitter and also sent a letter of commendation about many of the staff there. It seemed effortless for them.
    Diane Meyer
    Marketing by DM
    Lancaster, PA

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