Yesterday, I was in Indianapolis speaking to economic development officials at the National Rural Economic Development Association’s (NREDA) annual meeting. One of the many growing trends I encouraged them to consider was the possibility of an exponentially more powerful Internet.

Next week, Google will be unveiling “Google Fiber” in Kansas City. It promises Internet 100 times faster than broadband.

It is mistake to think of this leap forward as merely being able to download movies 100 times faster. Farsighted officials and entrepreneurs need to begin contemplating how this will transform everything from the delivery of digital medicine and education to how it’ll enable 3D printing manufacturers to upload ever more complex and detailed designs.

Google Fiber may only be coming to Kansas City next week but it (and other technologies like it) will soon be in other communities. The time to begin thinking about how to exploit this technology for future development is now.

(Because my son and I are road tripping to Kansas City this morning to watch our beloved (albeit last place) Minnesota Twins battle the Kansas Royals, I thought I’d post this little Youtube clip on Google’s Kansas City Fiber project. It is set to Wilbert Harrison’s famous tune, “Kansas City Here I come.”

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