Disorientation_game The New York Times recently published this article A Campus Where Unlearning is First discussing how the American University in Cairo is trying to encourage students to think for themselves.

The university doesn't approach the concept of unlearning as I do in my many unlearning strategies but I love the president's idea of replacing a first-year orientation with a "disorientation." 

Among other things, I would encourage the university to do during this session is instruct students on how to question the wisdom of experts, replace 'no doubt' with 'to know doubt," mix up your mindgrow from your inexperience and lose sight of the shore.

It has long been my policy that we should teach unlearning beginning in kindergarten but if we can't do it there perhaps the next best strategy is make "disorientation" a standard feature during the first year of college. It is a skill that will serve them well the rest of their lives.