[Note from Jack: Due to a technical glitch, last week’s newsletter was not delivered. It can be read here. Also, in order to grant you some additional time to review last week’s newsletter, I will keep my commentary on this week’s “think pieces” short.]

Think: The exciting future of gene editing. This is an outstanding podcast featuring Jennifer Doudna, one of the world’s leading experts on gene editing technology.

Think Different: Don’t think “the times are a changing’?” Think again, John Deere is now advertising for a “Chief Tractor Officer” to be the face of the company’s social media presence. (John Deere has also employed Brock Purdy–the quarterback of the San Francisco 49er’s– to help pitch the campaign. This YouTube video is quite funny.)

Think Deeper: Wonder where America’s future energy may come from? It could be below our feet.

Think Again: The changing climate is heating up cities around America. Phoenix has a simple, old-fashion solution–plant more trees. Look for a growing number of cities around the world to follow suit.

Think Harder: For years, I have been a big fan of Ray Kurzweil whose deep work in the area of exponential growth of technology has been influential in my own thinking. If you have time, this one hour talk at South-By-Southwest on his new book, The Singularity is Nearer, was informative. If you don’t have time for that, this review offers a decent–but not perfect–review.