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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5:” April 21, 2023

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Think: Artificial intelligence isn’t the only technology advancing rapidly. This 3D printing community is printing one house per week for a year.

Think Bigger:  Scientists have developed artificial skin that can be applied like “biological clothing.” Bioengineers at Columbia University have now 3D-grown artificial skin that can be transplanted directly onto the body.

Think Shorter: A number of countries and businesses are already doing it, but a shorter workweek–whether you love or hate the idea–may be coming sooner-than-expected. The government of Japan is now considering a four-day workweek for central government staff. The reason is because it believes the shorter workweek will help the government address a severe worker shortage.

Think Historically: Below is the map documenting the first coast-to-coast automobile drive in American history. It took Horatio Jackson, Sewall Crocker and their dog, Bud, a mere 63 days to complete the journey. We can now go coast-to-coast in about 5 hours in an airplane–or just .003 percent of the time it took Jackson and Crocker. Think about that! This fun, short article recounts their journey. I have included it in this newsletter because the article not only serves as a reminder of how far we have come, it should also remind us that our descendants will look back at the accomplishments of today with a certain air of incredulousness.

Think Visually: The television program 60 Minutes had an insightful segment on artificial intelligence this past week that is worth watching, as is this short 3-minute PBS primer on gene editing technology.

Afterthought: “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.–Suzy Kassem


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