Think: Does the world hold massive amounts of hidden hydrogen? It is an intriguing question and if the answer is yes, as this highly informative article in Science suggests, it could truly be a game changer. For another informative “primer” on hydrogen, I recommend this MIT Review article, When Hydrogen Will Help Climate Change–and When It Won’t.

Think: Solid state batteries have long been the “holy grail” of battery technology. It now appears that these batteries–which promise to last longer, be more affordable, and easier to recycle–are on the verge of being 3D printed at scale. If Sakku’s technology delivers as promised it could be a boon for the electric vehicle and renewable energy industries.

Think in Questions: Here’s a good question: What does a world with billions of old people look like? It is a question every person, politician and business leader should be thinking about–now!

Think Optimistically: Did you know that optimistic people tend to be happier, more successful, and live longer? It is also true that optimism is something that can be learned. If this is the case and if you are a pessimist by nature why would you not try to change? This article, Are You an Optimist,  is a good primer on the subject and will give you plenty to think about–and act upon.

Think Hard: Global poverty and climate change are two serious problems society must grapple with now. Technology (“Crisper Offers Way to Feed the World”) offers a way to help address both issues. The technology may, however,  require many people to rethink their position on gene-editing technology.  If you are opposed to the technology–a position I respect but disagree with–I merely ask you to think harder about the consequences of opposing the technology as it relates to the possibility of alleviating human suffering.

Afterthought: “There is no better teacher than history in determining the future … there are answers worth billions of dollars in $30 history books .“–Charlie Munger