Think in Questions: If you haven’t yet watched the new movie, “Oppenheimer,” I highly recommend it. One of the most interesting things for me is that at the time the scientists first tested the atomic bomb in New Mexico in 1945 there was a “non-zero” chance that the weapon might ignite the atmosphere and destroy the entire world. In this same way, leading artificial intelligence experts are now saying that there is a “non-zero” chance that AI might destroy the world. Personally, I recognize the odds are very, very small that this will happen and, YET, it is still a possibility and we must all think about AI in a responsible manner. (Fun Fact: In the movie, Oppenheimer, the physicist playing the bongos is Richard Feynman, a brilliant physicist, who also gave us the quote above.)

Think Smarter: Continuing with my “Oppenheimer” theme, the creation of atomic power was largely a physics problem that needed to be solved. It is also a reminder that physics matters. In this same way, just yesterday two leading physicists released a paper suggesting that they may have found the “biggest physics discovery of a lifetime.” If the breakthrough is confirmed–and this is still a big IF at this time–it could have huge implications. One possibility is that every transmission line in the world could be upgraded in a manner that would save a massive amount of energy.

Think Longer: If you are below the age of 60 and are not contemplating a life expectancy of at least 100 years, you need to think again. Some crazy advances in health care are coming sooner rather than later.  This new breakthrough could reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease by 80 percent.

Think Twice: The reason we must “think twice” is because we are on thin ice–quite literally. This week alone water temperatures off the coast of Florida reached 100 degrees and Phoenix is in the midst of a historic heat wave. Temperatures all across the world are soaring and the only sane response is action. For a visual reminder of our new reality–and our collective responsibility to future generations–take a look at the visual below:

Think Optimistically: I know the above posts can make it feel like I am a “Debby Downer,” but I am actually an optimistic guy. Here’s just one reason for optimism: Solar Power Investment Will Overtake Oil for the First Time Ever This Year.

Afterthought: “It turns out that considering the downside of confidence might be a worthwhile investment. Resilience is an asset.”–Seth Godin