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Jack Uldrich’s “Friday Future 5:” March 10, 2023

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Think: I think it is the beginning of a paradigm shift. I think this technology is very suitable for the legal industry.” This is just one quote from this informative article, Generative AI is Coming For the Lawyers., which I encourage everyone in the legal industry to read–and think about. (The situation for lawyers is not as dire as the headline suggests, but those  lawyers and law firms that don’t embrace AI are likely to find themselves on the losing side of the future.)

Think Humbly: You have probably heard of the promising new anti-obesity drug, Tirzepatide. What you might not know is that scientists still don’t fully understand why it works. I mention this because it is easy to think that every new successful venture in business is the result of brilliant strategy and careful planning (and, often, it is), but sometimes it is the result of luck. One way to increase your “luck” and “win the future” is to engage in strategic experimentation.

Think Hard: Gene-editing remains a technology to monitor, especially if you work in the health care or agriculture industries. This article is appropriate for the former, Forget Designer Babies, Here’s How CRISPR is Really Changing Lives. ($)

Think Harder: For anyone in an industry that might be transformed by electrification — automotive, utility, manufacturing, boating, etc. — I recommend this article: The Scientific Breakthrough That Could Make Batteries Last Longer.

Think Uncomfortably: I am a big fan of the philosophy of “getting comfortable being uncomfortable” (although I don’t always practice what I preach). If you are over the age of 50, I recommend this article, “Rules for Sustaining Peak Performance as We Grow Older.

Afterthought: “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are .“–J.P. Morgan


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