Think: When the iPhone came out in 2007, most people underestimated the power and utility of the new device. For example, few were expecting the rapid growth of apps to fuel entirely new industries–such as Uber and Lyft. In this respect, are we underestimating the innovative future of Chatbots? This article makes a compelling case that we are.

Think Fast: The days when you were met at the drive-through window of your local fast food restaurant by a real person may soon be coming to an end. Wendy’s is now using AI to take customers orders. This is just the start.

Think Differently: Living without a car might seem unfathomable to the average American, but Tokyo–a city of 14 million people–has become an anti-car paradise.

Think Like a Child: I found this article, How Technology has Changed the World Since I was Young, very insightful. (In fact, the visual below is from the article). Technology does not simply change how we see and interact with the world, it alters our perception of the world around us–in both positive and negative ways.

Think Visually: 

Think Again:  This video, from May 5, 2023, shows an industrial-sized building being built in less than 140 hours with a large 3D printer. What is even more amazing is that it required only two workers to oversee the project. If you are in the construction industry, it is time to begin asking: “What’s Next?”

Afterthought: “In the world of tomorrow, the thinkers of today will be the leaders of change.” – Unknown