Think in Questions: If you are a leader in the manufacturing, health care or construction industry, here’s a good question to ask: Has the 3D Printing Revolution Finally Arrived? (My Magic Ball says: Signs Point to Yes!)

Think More Clearly: Our understanding of the human brain continues to get better. As it does, our ability to treat everything from Alzheimers and Parkinson’s to depression will greatly improve. One reason this will happen is because of technologies such as this: Brain Scans are now 64 million times more clear.

Think Optimistically: Too many visions of the future are dystopian in nature. While there are many reasons why the future may be bleak, there are just as many reasons why the future might be fantastic. Here’s one simple reason the future could be fresher and greener than most people expect: It is possible for humanity to replant one trillion trees in the coming years.

Think Even More Optimistically: Even if humanity falls short of replanting 1,000,000,000,000 trees, there is still additional hope on the way: This material is capable of storing three times as much CO2 as today’s leading carbon capture technology.

Think the Unthinkable:  Here we go: An AI doctor–ChapGPT almost passes medical licensing exam. Is it just a matter of time?

Afterthought: “If you would like to know how to recognize a prophet, look to him who gives you the knowledge of your own heart.“–Persian Proverb