It isn’t often that a company can successfully revive a decade old television ad but that is precisely what Corona is doing with its commercial “Lagoon.”

You may recall the original commercial—which I have posted below—showing a relaxing executive sitting on the beach with a nice, cool Corona beer when his beeper begins vibrating. His way of dealing with this unwelcome disruption is to skip the device into the coral blue ocean.

What is funny is that the commercial is only 8 years old—just think of the advances modern communication technology has made in that relatively short amount of time. I have written before about the startling changes we have witnessed in the past decade (here and here) and this is just another example. Still, in 2001, it would have been difficult to imagine iPhones, SmartPhones, Facebook, text-messaging, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Now, if you want to jump the curve, try to imagine what communication devices, methods and social networks might look like in the year 2017. At a minimum, I would begin by considering how advances in flexible electronics, computer algorithms and haptic technology will continue to transform our world. (It may be enough to make you want to drink!)

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