I recently returned from a two week vacation in Italy. One of my favorite locations was Venice.

While there, I came across a Venetian proverb: The sea gets deeper as you go further into it.

This is how I feel about the future–even as a professional futurist: The future gets murkier as you go further into it.

As a result, I have always felt long-range forecasts about what the world might like in the year 2050 or 2100 are absolutely worthless.

There are simply too many variables–billions of people, wars, natural disasters, and a myriad of new, old and yet-to-be created technologies–all interacting with another to influence the future in ways big and small as well as expected and unexpected.

My advice: Read long-range predictions about the future if you wish just be aware that the further out in the future they are, the murkier the view.

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