In the picture to the right, count the bars from the top and then count them from the bottom.

Did you count ten the first time and seven the second time?

I love optical illusions such as this one because they force us to acknowledge that the world isn’t always so black-or-white.

Often, our starting point will bias us toward one perspective.

For example, in politic circles it is now common to pit the top “1 percent” against the bottom “99 percent.”

If you are in the “1 percent” your perspective of your wealth (and how much of it should be subject to taxation) will likely be far different than those in the “99 percent”.

This illusion reminds us, however, discerning “truth” is often a matter of perspective.

This is not to say that “truth” doesn’t exist. I simply believe we can get a little closer to the truth if we first become aware of –and then acknowledge–that there are multiple perspectives from which to view every issue.

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