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Rules? What Stinkin’ Rules

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No-birds I really like the photo to the right. I have no idea if it's real or if it's photoshopped but it makes a powerful point: What good are rules if they can't be enforced.

I was reminded of this point yesterday after Wikileaks released the Afghanistan War Logs. As the following quote from this post in PressThink eludes, the rules for reporting — or not reporting — state secrets have changed. 

"In media history up to now, the press is free to report on what the powerful wish to keep secret because the laws of a given nation protect it. But Wikileaks is able to report on what the powerful wish to keep secret because the logic of the Internet permits it. This is new."

This is new. It is time for the media, politicians and the public to unlearn their old rules.

2 thoughts on “Rules? What Stinkin’ Rules”

  1. Lonny Eachus says:

    Like the music industry, government has been slow to accept that things have changed, and even slower to realize they would be better off flowing with it rather than fighting it.
    The sad thing is that, current “scandal” aside and despite all the rhetoric, the more we have learned about government secrecy the more we have seen that it was often used against common citizens, rather than to protect them. And that must change.
    Our current President made many promises about openness that have since turned out to be empty. I believe that will come back to haunt him.
    A new (and in many ways improved) “music industry” is beginning to form, despite staunch resistance and some very nasty legal wrangling on the part of mainstream music corporations attempting to preserve the “status quo”. If asked, I would tell them that they need to unlearn, that the status quo they are trying to protect is already gone, and that their behavior only works against them.
    This latest “leak” is less about government collusion with special interests than many others have been. But it clearly demonstrates one thing: just as the old music industry has been losing its futile struggle against change, more government openness is going to happen, with or without the cooperation of government. And there is little doubt that it will benefit American citizens.

  2. Jack Uldrich says:

    Well said. I’m in complete agreement. The irony of the whole Wikileak’s “scandal” is that it will make us safer!

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