NowLater-compressedThe other day I posted an article outlining ten trends transforming the future of marketing.

Hidden within these trends is an important new insight: The future of marketing will be a battle over gratification.

More specifically, marketers will use new technologies (Big Data, mobile, social and location-based technologies, etc.) to get consumers to instantly gratify their needs and desires. No great surprise there.

The “gotcha” will come in how consumers and innovative companies will leverage these same new technologies to delay gratification.

Here are some examples of the latter:

  1. Your local bank may partner with Apple to develop a new app for its iWatch that reminds you of the money you could save for retirement by foregoing that Oprah Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks.
  2. Your financial service provider may use Oculus Rift to prove that the more expensive house in the suburbs (as opposed to an inner city home) isn’t really what you want by simulating the time and stress of your expected 90-minute commute.
  3. Your insurance company may harness the latest insights from neuroscience to entice you to take a walk after your dinner instead of consuming dessert and a second glass of wine.
  4. An environmental, “sharing economy” company may use data visualization tools to demonstrate how much lower your carbon footprint will be if you forego the purchase of a new automobile and instead rely on a car-sharing service for your transportation needs.

The bottom-line is this: Consumers will begin harnessing the power of these new tools and technologies to do what is in their best long-term interest—and not your company’s.

Are you ready for this future?