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The Future is Closer Than You Think

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Yesterday, I released my annual predictions for 2014, and a few weeks ago I shared with you 10 Game-Changing Technological Trends That Will Transform Tomorrow.

In the sprit that more is better, and a different perspective is always welcome, I’d like to share with you IBM’s annual “5 in 5” series–5 predictions for the next five years.

Each video is less than two-minutes in length and is definitely worth your time–especially if you’re interested in the future of education, retail, healthcare, security and/or transportation.

The Future of Education: The Classroom Will Learn You

The Future of Retail: Brick and Mortar Will Successfully Fight Back

The Future of Healthcare: It’s in Your DNA to Battle Disease

The Future of Online Security: A Digital Security Guard

The Future of the City: No Longer Lost in the Crowd


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