Thanks to my colleagues at FutureBlogger this cool, one-minute video of a prototype car was brought to my attention.

I think it highlights a few aspects that we will be seeing on cars in the near future. First, the rotatable wheels should prove handy for people living in urban environments where parking is at a premium—it will allow drivers to easily navigate into tight spots. Second, the spacious atmosphere of the cab compartment is a trend that we should also see more of in the near future. (I think this will be especially true if advances in robotics and embedded sensor networks combined to create areas where self-driving vehicles are a reality. If people are freed from the burden of driving they might want more space to work or entertain guests while they are being chaffeured from one location to another.)

One aspect that is not a winner is the way the door opens—it takes up too much space. Given the curved nature of the vehicle, it seems that a curved door could be constructed that slightly lifts the door (perhaps using some shape-shifting material as I showed in this post) and then slides it over the exterior of the vehicle.

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