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The State of the Future: 13 Years From Now

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The think tank known as The Millenium Project has recently published a new report, “The State of the World 2011.” One particular paragraph caught my attention because it reinforces a concept (accelerating change) I’ve been espousing for some time: “The coming biological revolution may change civilization more profoundly than did the industrial or information revolutions.” It then goes on to add: “Thirteen years ago, the concept of being dependent on Google searches was unknown to the world. Today, we consider it quite normal. Thirteen years from today, the concept of being dependent on synthetic life forms for medicine, food, water, and energy could also be quite normal.

(Note: These are all points I made in my recent TEDx talk on “Unlearning Possibilities and are themes that I regularly convey in The Tomorrow Times.)

One thought on “The State of the Future: 13 Years From Now”

  1. Jack, I can’t enjoy enough of your thoughtful and detailed writings on your ‘jump the curve’ blog. I, too, am very excited regarding the changes that will ensue the next 10 years, and if its as mind-provoking as the last decade, to rephrase Bette Davis, ‘its going to be a bumpy ride’! I’ll add the word ‘exhilarating’.

    Dr. Ed Reifman

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