On a standard Roman Numeral watch, what letters do the Number 3 look like? What about the Number 4?

Did you say the Number 3 looks like three capital I’s (III) and the Number 4 looks like a capital I and a capital V (IV)?

It is quite common to believe the face of Roman Numeral watches look like this picture to the right, but that’s wrong. Most Roman Numeral watches look like this — usually there is no Numeral III (because that is where the date is usually shown) and the Number 4 is not depicted as “IV” but rather as IIII. (For an explanation, click here.)

Still don’t believe me? Check out the face of the next Roman Numeral watch you see.

Also, if you provided the wrong answer and if you still wear a watch, I’d like to ask you to wear your watch on the opposite wrist for a week. Every time you look at it use it as reminder of your need to unlearn.

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