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Creativity Isn’t All in Your Head

Posted in Creativity, Innovation, Kindergarten, New Cards, One minute unlearning, Perspective, The Way We See the Problem, Think Like a Child

400_F_29530904_RPCxHo6grMCz11pARxviXoE5VpovCp4T According to a new study ("Decisions for Others Are More Creative Decisions for the Self" in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin),  people are more creative when they're thinking on someone else's behalf. In other words, when you put yourself in the shoes of another person, you are more likely to come up with creative and innovative ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of your head and into the shoes of another!

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2 thoughts on “Creativity Isn’t All in Your Head”

  1. Dave! says:

    I like the thought here, makes intuitive sense. My question; how do I apply it? Should I look for people who have similar situations to mine and try to come up with solutions to their issues? Or, should I put myself in the role of observer and try to solve my own issues from the outside? And, how?
    Good start, I’d love to see this fleshed out into some actions.

  2. Jack Uldrich says:

    I’ll give this some thought and keep you posted on any future writings. The following isn’t a perfect example (because it isn’t related to creativity) but the other day I did try to “get inside” my wife’s head: https://www.unlearning101.com/fuhgetaboutit_the_art_of_/2011/03/spotthedifferenceandunlearn.html

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