Are you one of those people who drives around a parking lot looking for the Driving spot "perfect spot" in the hopes of saving time and/or effort? Well, if you are it is a habit that you might want to unlearn because it isn't saving you any time.

The following is a passage from the new book by Tom Vanderbilt, "Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What it Says About Us.)":

"Something curious happens in parking lots.  It seems that the people who actively look for the “best” parking space inevitably spend more total time getting to the store than those people who simply grab the first spot they see.

Two distinct strategies were observed:  “cycling” and “pick a row, closest space.”  Although the individuals cycling were spending more time driving looking for a parking space, on average they were no closer to the door, time-wise or distance-wise, than people using “pick a row, closest space.”