9781594743108_large "If Indian engineers find out an executive has an MBA, they will say, 'unlearn and observe."

I love this quote is from Wim Elfrink, Cisco's chief globalization that appeared in this article. It also brings to mind this outstanding video from David Heinemeier Hansson entitled Unlearn Your MBA.

Of course rather than unlearning your MBA, I think it'd be much better to just recognize that unlearning is a critical life-long skill which everyone–MBA's included–must embrace if they wish to achieve future success.

I do take hope that MBA schools are becoming hip to unlearning. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that some business schools are trying to help students "unlearn bad behavior, such as using complicated words over simple ones." Granted, it's a modest start but it's a start. (Just another reason why, perhaps, we should begin instructing people how to unlearn beginning in kindergarten.)