I'm a big fan of "to do" lists. In fact, I'm staring at one on my desk right now. Perhaps, like some of you, I even put the smallest of tasks on my list for no other reason than having the satisfaction of crossing the task off my list.To-do-list-nothing  

This is a habit, however, I should unlearn because it causes me to focus on items which are not of high priority. (Do I really need to order black ink for my printer right now?)

So, today, I created a "not to do" list. Here are some of the items on it:

1. Do not check email until the end of the day.

2. Do not Twitter more than once today.

3. Don't worry about the actions of those people over whom I have no control.

4. Don't respond to other people's priorities.

Often, the first step to unlearning is simply seeing something old from a new or different perspective. So, what's on your "not to do" list?