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Unlearning Wine Tasting — and Experts

Posted in Food and Drink, Wine

This past weekend, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on wine tasting that really appealed to theGreat_wine unlearner in me.

If you're a wine afictionado, I encourage you to read the article. Here, however, are some of the unlearning highlights:

1. Wine experts frequently disagree among themselves so we might want to unlearn the habit of giving their selections undue consideration.

2. A recent study suggests that wine experts do not even enjoy the same wines as the average consumer. This raises the intriguing question of whether their opinions are even pertinent.

3. Your preference for a variety of wines is likely to change over time. Therefore, if you are going to listen to an expert, you may want to pay closer attention to those who are roughly the same age.

4. Women prefer different characteristics in their wine than men. This suggests the interesting idea that judges should be gender identified.

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