New technology is using “mobility events” to make your smartphone even smarter. According to this article, researchers in the Netherlands have created a system that learns users’ behavior patterns to provide them with an enhanced cellphone service.

The example cited in the article involves your “going to work” routine (i.e. opening your garage, getting in the car; stopping at the local store to buy a lotto ticket, etc) and explains how your phone might be deduce what will happen next. For example, you may drive through an area with poor coverage so your phone will wait to start uploading a large file. Before long, innovative marketers will also be able to exploit this information. For instance, it may know that you also enjoy a Starbucks latte every so often and a coupon for 15% off will be sent to you whenever your with a mile of one of their stores.

I would encourage you to consider how this and related technology may also help senior citizens. I envision the day when your phone will notice that you haven’t called your grandchild in a few days and will prompt you with a reminder. Or, your phone—due to the accelerometers—may also notice that your stride is beginning to wobble and will send an alert to your doctor that you may be experiencing the early stages of a stroke.

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