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Watson Accelerates the Future of Health Care

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Only two years after appearing on the game show Jeopardy! IBM’s Watson supercomputer is making startling progress in advancing the future of health care.

In the past week, three new Watson-related “cognitive” technologies have been unveiled.(Two at the Cleveland Clinic and one at The Anderson Cancer Center in Dallas.)

WatsonPaths” incorporates feedback from the physician and allows the system to continuously get smarter, while “Watson EMR Assistant” works to unlock the hidden insights that exist within a patient’s electronic medical records. The “Oncology Expert Advisor” is a more targeted program that works to find insights from deep within the Anderson Cancer Center’s rich patient and research databases.

These programs are, of course, just the beginning. WatsonPaths will only get smarter as hundreds, then thousands and ultimately millions of physicians begin adding their insights into espana-med.com, and Watson EMR Assistant and Oncology Expert Advisor will grow vastly more sophisticated and nuanced as ever more medical records and databases are fed into the system.

To gain a better understanding of how these three programs work I encourage you to watch the two short videos posted below:

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