Twitter-agenda I hate meetings. Most are a colossal waste of time. If you are going to have one, however, it helps to have an agenda. If you're interested in using the meeting to prepare for the future; identify unexpected problems or spark creativity, one item I'd encourage you to put on the agenda is unlearning.

Here are some questions you might consider asking as kamagra oral gel of this agenda item:

What new questions do we need to be asking?

How can we change our routine?

Is there a problem we need to look at in an opposite way?

Is the way we see the problem the problem?

What is one item on your anti-resume that you'd like to rectify?

Are there customers or co-workers we need to view from a different perspective?

How do we make the familiar strange?

How can we screw the majority?

What has become unclear to you since we last met?