Ignorance-of-faculty Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a gentlemen who was interested in volunteering for an organization in which I serve in a leadership capacity. Near the end of our conversation I told him of my interest in unlearning and he immediately added that his "greatest strength was his ignorance."

To many people this might seem an oxymoron or even an "ignorant" thing to say, but I believe it is one of the wisest. It shows a great awareness of the limits of one's knowledge. 

Let me add that being "aware of one's ignorance" is far different than choosing to be ignorant. The former encourages a culture of curiosity and stresses the importance of constantly seeking new sources of enlightenment, whereas the latter is a willful choice to live in darkness. The two are at diametrically opposite ends of the intellectual spectrum.

If you are interested in building up your ignorance, I'd recommend starting by building an anti-library and filling out an anti-resume.