Think: As is my annual tradition, I have outlined my ten “predictions” for the coming year. Each storyline is based on a real technology that has already reached — or is quite near to reaching — the commercial marketplace. None of these trends will “rock the world” in 2022, but each has the potential to advance rapidly. The time to think about these “predictions” and trends is now. (If you prefer to digest your content in video format, here is an interview with me discussing four of the ten predictions.)

Think Fast: Self-driving cars and trucks are not new, but I still encourage you to follow advances in the field because you will be better able to assess how soon the trend might be something you can leverage for your competitive advantage. To this end, TuSimple’s recent announcement that it has logged its first ever “no human” road test is an important benchmark to consider. (Fact: Labor represents 40 percent of all trucking expenses.)

Think Even Faster: A Virginia woman has officially taken ownership of the first-ever owner-occupied 3D printed home in the world, thanks to Habitat for Humanity. This is another important “benchmark” for leaders in the real estate and construction industry to spend some of time contemplating.

Think Smarter: If you haven’t already been thinking about the post-pandemic rules of talent management, it is time to do so. This Harvard Business Review article can help. (I especially liked this line from the article, “Culture doesn’t exists within walls; it exists within people.”)

Think the Unthinkable: Science fiction is becoming science fact. A paralyzed man has now sent a tweet using a brain chip! In other words, the man is communicating by thought alone.

Afterthought: “You get ideas when you ask yourself simple questions. The most important of the questions is just, ‘What if…?’” —Neil Gaiman